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A recent survey study by CopyPress suggests that 52% of marketing experts across the world pointed out that video is one of the best content with impressive ROI. This shows that an explainer video is not just any strategy to promote your brand awareness. It’s a potent tool that you can include in your marketing strategy to drive your business growth. If you’re wondering how to create the best explainer videos for your marketing campaigns, these tools will help you do it much faster:

Make scintillating explainer videos with Animaker

Animaker is a great software to make great animated explainer videos on a shoestring budget. People prefer Animator when creating their videos because it comes with high-end graphics that other online tools lack. Also, the wide array of assets and more so characters with many emotions make it admired by many. Bottom-line, Animaker is the fastest growing animated video making an app in the world. And the fact that it comes with capabilities to make superb infographics gives it an edge over competitors. 

PowToon – One of the best-animated explainer video software out there

If you’re looking for a potent tool to make animated explainer videos instantly, PowToon is a straightforward choice. Its platform is well-suited for Word, Education, and Personal, and allows you to make superb and dynamic animated explainer videos that are adapted to any circumstance. The cool thing about PowToon is that it allows you to export your animated explainer videos directly to PowerPoint, social media, and MP4 file. PowToon also comes with a huge library of animations, backgrounds, royalty-free music and characters to make your explainer videos pop. You can use the tool for free, but your videos will show their branding. If you don’t want their cooperate branding to show, you’ll have to subscribe to a paid plan, the lowest being $19 per month.

Easy Sketch Pro is the top explainer videos animation software out there

Easy Sketch Pro is awesome doodle explainer video software out there. It has undergone a lot of improvements over the years, and now it’s fully integrated with YouTube, Facebook, Skype, and Soundcloud. It also enables some awesome transitions, that is from live action to animation and vice versa. This tool comes with two business models; the Standard model, which goes for $67 and the Business Pro, which goes for $97. However, the Business Pro justifies its price tag as it comes with over 12,000 stock images and royalty-free soundtracks.

Biteable is the world’s most straightforward editor to spruce up your explainer videos

Biteable prides itself as the simplest video editor out there. It goes for $99 each year. It produces superb videos, with great animations. However, the creation process is not up to the mark. The tool is specially adapted to first-time video makers, as it’s very simple and everything is availed to you to create great quality explainer videos for your brand. The awesome thing about Biteable is that it has a huge library of royalty-free music that you can use for your explainer videos.

Make great explainer videos with VideoScribe

If you are contemplating making whiteboard animation videos, VideoScribe is the best pick. Here is the kicker about VideoScribe; it doesn’t require an internet connection to work. Essentially, it’s an offline tool that lets users create and import their graphics into it for animation. You can subscribe to VideoScribe by paying a one-time fee of $655 or an annual business plan for $144.


With the rapid expansion of technology, many innovative tools will come up that will help business owners make high-quality explainer videos cost-effectively. Today, we’ve taken the time to bring you the most popular video making tools out there right now.

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