Make the Perfect Explainer Video for YouTube

//Make the Perfect Explainer Video for YouTube

Make the Perfect Explainer Video for YouTube

In case you have not noticed, every other post on social media websites is in video format. That is because no one has the time to read elaborate text anymore. This is why videos are becoming a more preferred form of advertising.

Explainer videos are short videos advertising your brand or product. They talk about your brand or product and then encourage the viewer to take action. Explainer videos must be catchy and creative so that the viewer stays interested. Long videos which drag on for several minutes might not be able to keep the viewers engaged for long. Hence, some of the best explainer videos are 60 to 90 seconds long. This is the recommended length. Try to cover the most important points in the first half of the video. This way, even if the viewers decide to close the video halfway through, they will not miss the crucial details. Here is a short guide on how to make explainer videos.


Explainer videos generally follow a fixed format. The opening of the video introduces your brand or product to the viewer. This could be in the form of a short, interesting description. Next, you must tell the viewers what the problem is. For example, when making product explainer videos, you must first make the viewer curious about how they could end up using your products. Set up a question for them which they look forward to seeing the answer to. Then, go ahead and explain how your brand or product will solve that problem. After that, you need to prompt them into purchasing whatever you are trying to sell. In the last part of the video, you can create a positive image for your product or brand by telling the viewer about positive reviews that you have received in the past.

There are several types of explainer videos, and video-making software is now available for making free explainer videos. The cheapest and most convenient type is whiteboard explainer videos. In this type of video, one person is designated to write and erase the content of the video on a white background. These are quick and easy to record. Another popular kind is animated explainer videos. As the name suggests, these use digital animation to make your video look creative and attention-grabbing. Many companies tend to make their videos humorous. It adds an extra fun element to the video.

Explainer videos will help rank your website higher than others in search engine results. They will also help increase your conversion rate. Ultimately, explainer videos are good for your business. Hence, you should invest more resources into them instead of going for the boring advertising strategies of the past.


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